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  • 39243B Sussman / Mr Steam
  • Eichenauer 300553H
This 24kw (24000w) 208v 3 phase heating element is commonly used in steam generators, autoclaves, pressure vessels, sterilizers, and electric steam boiler systems. This heating element boils the water to build up the pressure to create steam. This heating element is compatible with many steam generators, used in alteration shops, dry cleaners, breweries, saunas, fitness clubs and more. Always consider having a backup due to lime build up and routine maintenance.

Wattage: 24kw – 24000w

Voltage: 208V

Phase: 3

Length: 15in

Watt Density: 101 W/in²

Steel Flange: 4 1/2 in (4.5)

Number of Elements: 3

Sheath: Stainless Steel

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