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9kw 240v Steam Element 9.5in L Pacific Steam CXI11809-03

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This 9kw-9000w 240v steam boiler heating element works with  220v and 240v

Compatible with Steam Electric Boilers Pacific Steam Sussman General and more

Phase 1 or 3 phase – diagram will be included.

Flange: 4 1/2″

Elements: 3

Length: 9 1/2″

E09240 Pacific Steam PSE4

29093CMS MS400 Mr. Steam

Sussman 29093C or 29091C – 1 or 3 phase conversion MBA Series

The OEM part numbers are given as a reference tool only. There is no inference or implication, beyond that of a useful reference tool should be taken nor is intended. All of the OEM names mentioned are Registered Trademarks




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Product Enquiry

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Steam Boiler Element 24kw 208v 4-1/2″ Flange 10.375″

Our 4-1/2” flange Electric Steam Boiler Replacement Elements are commonly used in the operation of steam generators, autoclaves, sterilizers and auto-steam boiler systems. This heating element boils the water to build up pressure to create steam. Consider having a backup due to lime build up and routine maintenance.
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Upper Lower Valve – Sight Glass 99173C

When performing preventative maintenance on your steam generator, consider having plenty of replacement parts on hand.  
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20kw 208v 3PH Electric Steam Element 4 1/2in 39203B

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18kw 220v 3ph Steam Boiler Element 4-1/2″ Flange

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18kw 480v 3ph Steam Boiler Element 4-1/2″ 39183F 300603H

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4.5in Gaskets High Temperature Full Face (25pk)

Full Face Gasket 1/16" Thick - 3-1/8" x 4-1/2" dia. for use with 4 1/2" flange steam boiler elements
Bolts Holes: (6) .375" Bolt Circle: 3.812" BC This premium grade compressed sheet, is manufactured with high temperature synthetic fibers and graphite, with an NBR binder. Recommended for use in sealing against water, steam, fuels, lubricant alkalis, and weak acids, in service conditions up to 800ºF. Our Gaskets are custom made. Lead time is 7-10 days
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