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  • Champion parts Gasket

    Champion 3kw 240v 3ph Dishwasher Heater


    CHAMPION DISHWASHER ELEMENT 240V 3KW 3 Phase Alternative 208v 2250w 3 Phase 14-1/2″ LONG, 2-1/4″ MT CTRS, INCLUDES Gasket HPH321208 GASKET ONLY B444, Z-080, 3-1/8″ SQUARE 2-1/4″ MT HOLE CTRS. FITS THE FOLLOWING: CHAMPION DISHWASHER D-H1, D-H1TCM4, D-H1TCM5, D-H1TM4, D-H1TM5, D-HB, D-HBTCM4, D-HBTCM5, D-HBTM5, D-LF D-H1M3, D-H1M4, D-H1T, D-H1TCM4, D-H1TM4, D-HBM3, D-HBM4, D-HBT, D-HBTCM4, D-HBTM4, D-LFM3,…

  • Booster Dishwasher Element

    Champion Booster Element 13.5/18KW 208-240/3


    Champion – Moyer Diebel 111266 Booster Element 13.5kw/18kw 3phase 40KB, 40KPRB, 44KB, 44KPRB, 44WS, 54KB, 54KPRB, 60KB, 60KPRB, 64KB, 64KPRB, 66WS, D-H1M5, D-HB, D-HBM3, D-HBM4, D-HBM5, D-HBT, D-HBTCM4, D-HBTCM5, D-HBTM4, D-HBTM5, D-LFM5, FFPR26/40KB, FFPR26/44KB, FFPR26/44WS, FFPR26/54KB, FFPR26/60KB, FFPR26/64KB, FFPR26/KL44, KL44, KL66, MH-60M2, MH-60M3, MH-60M4, MH-60M5, PR36/40KB, PR36/44KB, PR36/44WS, PR36/54KB, PR36/60KB, PR36/64KB, PR36/KL44, UC-C, UC-CW Equivalent…

  • Booster Element

    Champion Booster Element 208/240v 6kw/8kw 3ph


    Champion – Moyer Diebel E-series Rack Conveyor Dishwashers Booster Element 208/240V 6000/8000W 3PH 3 HOLE MT 2 3/4″ MT CTRS, 18-3/4″ INSIDE LENGTH TERMINALS – SCREW 8-32 , NO GASKET INCLUDED, USE GASKET ONLY B327, W-166, # hph321174 “O” RING 100HDPW, 106PW, 110FFPW, 120HDPW, 44-PRO, 44-PRO VHR, 44DR, 44DR SINGLE SOURCE GAS, 54DR, 54DR SINGLE SOURCE GAS,…

  • Booster Dishwasher Element

    Champion Booster Element 240v 10kw 3ph


    Champion – Moyer Diebel 113889 Booster Heater 10kw 240v 3ph 1000 Series HT, 1000 Series LT, 108HDPW, 201HT, 401-HTM2 PLUS, 401HT, 40KB, 40KPRB, 44, 44DR, 44DRWS, 44LT, 44WS, 501HT, 54, 60KB, 60KPRB, 64KB, 64KPRB, 66DRWSPW, 66LT, 66PW, 66PWWS, 66WS, 70FFPW, 72, 76PW, 80DRWSHDPW, 80FFPW, 80HDPW, 90HDPW, 94FFPW, 94PW, D-HB, D-HBM3, D-HBM5, D-HBT, EEUCCW-4, EEUCCW-6, EEUCCW-8,…

  • Champion Dishwasher Tank heater

    Champion Dishwasher 3″ Flange Element 10kw 240v


    Champion 107844 Dishwasher Heating Element 240V 10KW 3ph Tank Heat 20″ LONG FROM TOP OF MOUNTING PLATE, 3″ SQUARE FLANGE GASKET # hph321208 NOT INCLUDED. CHAMPION PP-28, UC-C, UC-CW, Moyer Diebel 40KB, 40KPRB, 44KB, 44KPRB, 44WS, 54KB, 54KPRB, 60KB, 60KPRB, 64KB, 64KPRB, 66WS, EEUCCW-4, EUCC-4, EUCC-6, EUCC-8, EUCCW-4, EUCCW-6, EUCCW-8, FFPR26/40KB, FFPR26/44KB, FFPR26/44WS, FFPR26/54KB, FFPR26/60KB,…

  • Champion Dishwasher Elementchampion dishwasher element

    Champion Dishwasher Element 240v 3000w 1″ NPT


    [row] [column lg=”4″ md=”12″ sm=”12″ xs=”12″ ] Champion 0507315 0707480 507315 [/column] [column lg=”8″ md=”12″ sm=”12″ xs=”12″ ] CHAMPION DISHWASHER ELEMENT VOLTAGE: 240V WATTAGE: 3000W PHASE: 1PH 1″ NPT~ 11-1/8″ INSIDE LENGTH [TERMINALS {SCREW }, BLACK “O” RING GASKET INCLUDED FOR REPLACEMENT USE RED “O” RING GASKET B1001, # HPH321583 CHAMPION DISHWASHER CG1, CG2, CG4,…

  • Dishwasher Element

    Champion Dishwasher Element 240v 3000w 1″ NPT


    Champion 501330 Screw-in Glass Element 240V 3000W 1PH 1″ NPT; 7-3/4″ INSIDE LENGTH TERMINALS SCREW, BLACK “O” RING GASKET INCLUDED FOR REPLACEMENT USE RED “O” RING GASKET B1001, # hph321583 CHAMPION DISHWASHER MOYER DIEBEL GLASS WASHER DF BEFORE SER# 16231, SW BEFORE SER# 5181, Equivalent part Numbers: CHAMPION 0501330, 501330

  • 3" Flange Gasket

    Champion Dishwasher Gasket 3″ Flange


    CHAMPION GASKET 3″ SQUARE FLANGE 3″ X 3″  – RUBBER  –  BLACK MOUNT 4 HOLES, 2.25″ MOUNT HOLE CTRS CHAMPION DISHWASHER CLEVELAND STEAMERS JACKSON DISHWASHER 150, JP24 Original Part numbers: CHAMPION 108345 CLEVELAND 07128,103989 JACKSON 5330-011-47-79,05330-011-47-79,53300114779

  • Champion Wash Pump Motor

    Champion Wash Pump Motor 208/230v 1/2HP


    Champion 507313 Wash pump Motor 208/230V, 1/2HP, MOYER DIEBEL GLASS WASHER MODEL DF AFTER SER# 16231, SW AFTER SER# 5181 CHAMPION GLASS WASHERS MODELS CG1,2,4 AND 6 Equivalent part Numbers: CHAMPION 0507313,507313

  • o ring gasket

    O Ring Gasket for Champion Dishwasher


  • stand pipe o ring

    Stand Pipe O Ring 2-5/8″ Dishwasher


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