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  • Cres Cor Warmer Element

    Cres Cor Crown X 0811-005-K 1000w 120v Heater Kit Reservoir


    Cres Cor Warmer Element Voltage: 120V Wattage: 1000W 1PH Size: 14″ X 2-1/4″ TERMINAL THREAD 8-32 CRES-COR SERIES 120,121 AND 0747 PROOFERS 120, 120-240, 120CR1836, 120PHC, 121CR1816, 121PH, 121PH-240, 121PHC, 126PH, 126PH-240, 126PHC, H137PWSUA12C, H137PWSUA6C, H137PWSUA9C, H138PWS1834C 0811-005-K CRESCOR 0811 005 K CRESCOR 0811005K CRESCOR

  • Cres Cor Warmer Elements

    Cres Cor Crown X 0811-019-K 1470w 120v Warmer Element


    Cres Cor Warmer Element Voltage: 120V Wattage: 1470W 1PH Size: 14″ X 6″ TERMINALS SCREW 10-32 CRES-COR SERIES H133 H135SUA11, H135UA11, H137S273D1LTB, H137S273D1TB, H137S27D1LTB, H137S27D1TB, H137SUA12D, H137SUA12D2K, H137SUA5D, H137SUA6D, H137SUA9D, H137UA12D2K, H137UA9D, H1381834D, H1381834D2K, H138S1816D, H138S1834D, H138S1834D2K, H138S185D 0811-019-K CRESCOR 0811 019 K CRESCOR 0811019K CRESCOR

  • Cres Cor Warmer element

    Cres Cor Crown X 0811-022-K 1850w 120v Warmer Element


    Cres Cor Warmer Element Voltage: 120V Wattage: 1850W 1PH Size: 14″ X 6″ Voltage: 120V Wattage: 1850W Phase: 1 Phase Length: 14-3/4″ X 6″ 10-32 2000 WATT IS A NOMINAL RATING BY MFG CRES-COR OVEN SERIES: CXO-(140,141,141M,142). WARMER H-135-AP-8, H-138-CDD-1834,HU-18-671-(5,11,46-AC,61-AC, 67), HU-18-1254-(27,41), 0671011, 0671-105 SERIES: 130, 131, H-137, 129-005 CABINET 0811-022-K CRESCOR 0811 022 K CRESCOR 0811022K CRESCOR…

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